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Practices begin the week of 8/15/16.



 Weight Classes (FALL FOOTBALL)
Age   Weight Limit 
(As Of Sept. 1st)  
 4-6   60lb-70lb
 7-8   85lb 
 9-10   100lb 
 11-12   115lb 
 13-14   135lb 

Registration is now open for the 2016 season.  Please register for fall football as soon as possible.  Payments must be received by June 20 in order to take advantage of the discounted fee ($25 savings).

Registration for Haddonfield Youth Football or Cheerleading-Payments must be made through PAYPAL.


Cheer Families and Prospective Cheerleaders:
Registration for the 2016 Fall Youth Cheerleading season opened May 1st – Please feel free to forward this email to other interested families.
Information for the season:
Squads are divided into grade based age groups and will cheer for the football team that coincides with their age group.  We cheer on average 6-8 Saturdays per year (beginning this year  K – 3rd will not be cheering games over 15 miles away so they can expect to cheer about 6 games per year) plus any playoff games as they arise in November. Division of squads is generally: K/1, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, and 6th – 8th.  Practices are on Tuesday nights at the following times (location TBD):
K/1 – 5:30 – 6:30PM
2nd/ 3rd – 6PM – 7:15PM
4th /5th – 6PM – 7:30PM
6th – 8th: 6PM – 7:30PM
For the month of September ONLY – we will have Friday afternoon practices on the field at Lizzy Haddon from 3:30 – 4:30 to learn our halftime dance.
Game schedule will not be released by the league until the end of August, but games are generally on Saturdays and last 1.5 – 2 hours, beginning mid-September.
Summer Clinics:
There will be two summer clinics in August – likely on Wednesday evenings – these clinics are optional but highly encouraged and a great way for girls to get to know or reconnect with their squad mates.
Registration Information: Please go to haddonfieldfootball.com and register ASAP to ensure we are able to order uniforms and jackets as early as possible.  There is also an early bird registration discount of $15.
If you are interested in helping out as either a team mom or an assistant coach please email me at
Additional information to follow to registrants well in advance of the season.  
Thanks and can't wait to get the season going!

Field Status
Atco - Atco OPEN (10/28) 
Burlington City - Burlington City TBD (10/28) 
Burlington Twp - Burlington Twp TBD (10/28) 
Burlington Twp. - Gold - Burlington Twp TBD (10/28) 
Burlington Twp.-Gold - Burlington Twp TBD (10/28) 
BYE - BYE OPEN (10/28) 
Cinnaminson - Cinnaminson TBD (10/28) 
Ewing - Ewing TBD (10/28) 
Fleetwood - Mt. Laurel TBD (10/28) 
Garnet - Garnet TBD (10/28) 
Haddon Township - Haddon Township OPEN (10/28) 
Haddonfield Centennial - Haddonfield OPEN (10/28) 
Haddonfield HS - Haddonfield OPEN (10/28) 
Hamilton - Hamilton TBD (10/28) 
Lumberton - Lumberton TBD (10/28) 
Moorestown - Moorestown TBD (10/28) 
Oaklyn - Oaklyn OPEN (10/28) 
Paulsboro - Paulsboro TBD (10/28) 
Pemberton - Pemberton TBD (10/28) 
Pine Hill - Pine Hill OPEN (10/28) 
Pleasant Valley - Pleasant Valley TBD (10/28) 
Rancocas - Rancocas Valley OPEN (10/28) 
Seneca - Seneca OPEN (10/28) 
Staley Park - Staley Park TBD (10/28) 
Trenton - Willingboro TBD (10/28) 
Westville - Westville OPEN (10/28) 
Willingboro - Willingboro TBD (10/28) 
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